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Labor Day Celebration, Philippine Embassy, Israel.

Philippine Embassy, BEnei Dan, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Last May 03, 2009 more than 150 Filipino Workers in Israel gathered together to celebrate the Labor Day and Flores De Mayo .  Different participants from different group organizations joined the activities.  Among them were Philippine Embassy, Ilonggo Tribe, KMPI,KAMPI, Tarlakenos, Bolinao, SI, Kalahi, Vicentians, Mindorenians, Ilocanos, and more.

A lot of lovely children joined the Flores de Mayo event and made the event more lively.

Mangyan ang Lahi namin!

Mangyan ang Lahi namin!

Of course, Mindorenians will be there.

Our cuties!

Our cuties!

with our cute and lovely princes’ and princesses.



Labatt Mrs. Cuasay and FFCI Officers

Philippine Embassy Staffs and Officials!

Go Che!

We also played parlor Games!

Ruel, President of Tarlakenos, hosting the Games

And Mindorenians won the “Best Slogan”.


Pose with Mindorenian President Ms. Gajisan, Adviser Mrs. Cuasay and Treasurer Ms. Sevegan


The event was successfully done. Great job guys!



Go Mindorenians!

Go Mindorenians!

1_675915981lThanks for coming everyone! See youa again!