About Mindorenian Community

Mindorenian LogoArcticle 1.  PREAMBLE

We, the  Mindorenian Community  in Israel, in accordance with the existing by laws that  was agreed upon by the  officers and members do hereby acknowledge the duties and  responsibilities bestowed upon us. The   fulfillment  of our missions and goals  are for  the benefits of the Mindorenians here in Israel.


Section1. This organization was formed, with the consent of the Philippine Embassy and by the Mindorenian workers here in Israel. Thus, the organization shall be named as “Mindorenians”. It was formed July 07, 2007.

Section 11.The Mindorenian Community is a non-profit organization with no financial benefits accruing to the members of this organization. The main purpose is reunite and to help in improving the condition of the Mindorenian workers here in Israel.


Organization’s objectives had been discussed and approved by its officers and members.
Objectives shall be;

SECTION 1. To provide assistance and help to needy Mindorenian workers.

SECTION 11. To participate in any events or activities organized by the Filipino Community.

SECTION 111.  To organized a trip and gatherings to promote camaraderie among Mindorenians.

SECTION 1V.   To expand help in Mindorenian Community in the Philippines in case of needs, calamities and etc. in any way that the organization can give.

Article 1V.  VISION

Section 1. This organization envisions to  unite Mindorenians here in Israel.

Section 11. To provide awareness on  Philippine developments and other  issues regarding  the Filipino community.

Section 111.  To provide entertainment and quality time for the members.


Section 1.  A member can participate in any activities of the organization.

Section 11. Unemployed member will get help from the organization in finding a prospective job.

Section 111.  A member will get support from the organization regarding their difficulties at work through counseling.

Section 1V.  In the event of loss of the family, a member shall received donation from the organization.


Section 1.  President. He/She shall  be the  head of the organization. He/She shall be present and preside  all the meeting  of the organization. He/ She   has the right  to appoint head of the committee for a certain project.  He /She has the executive power over decision making  that  are beneficial for the organization.

Section 11.  Vice-President. He/ She is the aid of the President. In the absence of the President, he/she will assume  all the duties  and responsibilities bestowed  on the  President. he/she  can also transact business within the organization.

Section 111.  Secretary. Her duty is to keep all the records and minutes of the organization’s meetings. She is responsible for the update of the officers and members lists, and other information of the organization.

Section 1V.  Assistant Secretary.  Assist the secretary in secretarial works.

Section V.  Treasurer.  He/ She is responsible for the handling of organization’s funds. He/She shall keep the records of cash flows. He shall present a financial report in every meeting. He/She must also submit a quarterly and yearly report to the auditor.

Section V1.  P.R.O.   To promote social relationships among members  and others outside the organization.

Section V11.  Auditor.  The responsibility assigned to him/her is to check the records and receipts of funds  prepared  by the treasurer. He/She  should counterbalance the reports. After auditing, it must be presented  on the quarterly meeting and must  be reviewed and approved  by the president.

Section V111.  Coordinator. He/She  shall be responsible  for the  projects of the  organization assigned  to the  committee.  He/ She  shall coordinate the developments  to the  officers of the organization.

Section 1X.  Advisers.  To guide and counsel the officers in times  of needs and decision making.

Section X.  Members.  They are  integral  part  and most important part of the organization. They must be present in all the activities of the organization.


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  1. Posted by Nenette on April 1, 2009 at 12:00 p04

    Sis Jha! Congratulations for a job well done! I love how you did this site. Thank you so much in behalf of all the Mindorenians! More power!


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