Mindorenians Hit it again!

Mindorenians Hit it Again!

Tiberias, Capernaum and See of Galilee Trip
June 12-13,2009

with the guys!
“You and US together for fun” was the MIS theme in the previous organized fund raising trip in the above mention Holy Places in Israel.  The trip was designed to promote camaraderie, fun and enjoyment among our officers, members and guests.

We left Tel-Aviv around 7:30 pm and arrived at our destination, Tiberias at 10 pm where we stayed overnight. Tiberias is located in a western part of the country and has its peaceful and majestic attractions.  Local restaurants, the Lake and its wonderful sceneries mesmerized us all.

The travel started by a prayer   led by Mrs. Merly Ganan to guide our journey.  Our President, Ms. Nenette Gajisan welcomed the participant and all the officers joined to make the trip more fun.  At the bus, Jenny Tecson together with our treasurer, Cheryl Sevegan dominated the floor and hit it again by their jokes that made the entire bus flowed with laughter.  Thanks Jen and Che for  the laughs, you guys are truly amazing!

During that night, we also celebrated the birthday of our member, Ms. Beth Dimaano together with us.  She made her wish, blew the cake and toast for her success that made the trip unforgettable for her and us.Inuman na!

1_635411153lWe played Traditional games in celebration of the Philippines 111th Independence celebration, “Habulan”, “Patintero” and more that hooked our attention and enjoyed the night, (it made us remember our childhood memories with these game, what a great feeling!).  They danced, drank, chat laugh that temporarily brought them into different happy world away from the ordinary world of Care Giving. What a great night we had, sleeping on the tent while the place flowed with laughter and positive energy.


The following morning we proceeded to Jordan River where John The Baptist made baptism to Jesus. We felt the sanctity of the place as we went inside. We took pictures and enjoyed the feeling of being been there as we felt the holiness of the place.

1_351668594mAfterwards, we moved on to our next destination, the Sea of Galilee. We went to Kibuts Ginosaurem where Yigal Allon center was located.  Its wonderful architectural design caught us in full awe. There, we rode Noah TVJ 9026 boat.  The sailing started and we raised the Philippine flag and sang the national anthem. This moment made us so happy as we celebrated the Independence Day that moment.  Thanks to the warm and friendly crew of the boat. We really enjoyed the journey, breathtaking views, with the wonderful people as described. The crew put on music and everybody went on dancing non-stop! It was really fun. (Let’s go Latino guys, laugh out loud!) The Sea of Galilee is the place where Jesus walked on the water and calmed the storm.

Mindorenians at Tiberias

mindorenians 4

We docked into God’s Holy place Capernaum. We saw the remains of St. Peter’s Church where inner   room became the first Christian church.

Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, Tiberias

The White Synagogue which we’re seeing today lies above some portions of the earlier basalt synagogue in existence during Jesus’ day. In 69 A.D., the Romans destroyed it during the First Jewish Revolt.

Sea of Galilee

Afterwards we moved to our final destination where Jesus made the miracle of feeding thousands of people with bread and fish. Tabgha, is located near Capernaum.  Inside is the sacred Church of Heptapegon.  We offered prayers and felt the holiness of the place.

Afterwards, we left the place for lunch.  We shared the delicious lunch prepared by our very good and industrious chef, our Vice Pres.  Juvy Sarmiento and  Ms. Neri Gain. Thanks guys for the wonderful lunch.

We went home tired, exhausted but fulfilled, satisfied and happy.

mindorenians5Our appreciation and sincere gratitude for all the participants who joined the trip, thanks for sharing your precious time with us and we will treasure it forever. See you next time folks!

Mabuhay ang Lahing Mangyan at ang Lahing Pilipino sa mundo! God bless us all.


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